Diet Test

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Α. Bread, Other Cereals & Potatoes food group

1. Do you have bread,tost or cereal for breakfast?

2. Do you eat wholewheat or high fibre types of bread or cereal?

3. Do you eat something from this food goup wih all meals?

4. Do you have these cooked in, or with fat or oil (eg roast potatoes, chips, fat on baked potato, fried rice)?

Β. Fruit and Vegetables food group

5. Do you eat fruit, including fresh, tinned, dried or juice?

6. Do you have sugar or syrup or a sweet sauce with your fruit?

7. Do you have salad or vegetables, including fresh, frozen or tinned?

8. Do you have vegetables or salad with butter/margarine or fried, or in a rich sauce or dressing?

C. Meat, Fish and Alternative food group

9. How often do you eat lentils, peas or beans (including tinned baked beans)?

10. Do you eat fish, including white or oily, fresh, frozen or tinned?

11. Do you have your fish fried or in batter?

D. Milk and Dairy food group

12. Do you have a serving of dairy foods (eg, 1/3 pint milk, 1 oz cheese, a yoghurt)?

13. Do you choose low fat or skimmed types of these?

Ε. Foods containing Far and/or Sugar food group

14. Do you eat foods high in fat and sugar, such as chocolate, cakes, biscuits and puddings?

15. Do you eat sugary foods, such as sweets, and drink sugary soft drinks (eg lemonade, squashes, canned drinks)?

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